“You don't look quite so much like a young lad anymore, dear Walter.”

Here you can see some of the documents that survived the firestorm in the summer of 1943, in a cigar box in the apartment at Scheideweg 35.
Gustav and Minna in Bispingen
Until the Nazi’s came to power, the Wächter family spent the summers in Bispingen, along with other Germans.
Walter in HSV's outfit
During the 1920s Walter Wächter played football in the HSV (Hamburger Sports Verein) junior league; he was also a promising sprinter in the HSV and Fichte.
Max and John
John and Max were eleven and nine years older than Walter respectively. They experienced the “roaring 20s” as adults.
Max and Dora
Max and Dora got married on September 12th 1931. At the time when the postcards were written, they had not seen each other since July 1938.
Max and Jessie
Jessie was born on March 23rd 1935. She was three years old when she last saw her father.
Liesbeth Friebel
Liesbeth Friebel had known Walter for more than ten years at this point.
Class Oberprima 1A at the Aufbauschule Hohe Weide.
“Simba’s” drawings of the teachers at the Aufbauschule.
Erna Schwartz
Erna Schwartz met Walter in a Hechaluz camp. They became engaged in January1940.
Hechaluz meeting
The members of Hechaluz preparing themselves for a life as “pioneers” in Palestine.
Minna and Gustav were still in Hamburg. They had not yet met Erna.