Do you know anything about the people mentioned in these letters?

Torkel S. Wächter

My name is Torkel S Wächter. The 32 postcards are all addressed to my father, Walter Wächter. They tell the story of what happened to our family 70 years ago, and provide answers to questions that I have wondered about many times, but never put to my father. When the war was over, Walter changed his name to Michaël; he drew a line under the past, and with great resilience he built up a new life in Sweden. When my older brother was born (in 1949), my father promised faithfully that his children would never have to hear a single word in German.  Over the past ten years I have looked into the material my father left behind, I have learned German, spent time in various archives, and met people who have answered the questions I never asked. I have made new friends, and got to know relatives I had never heard of. I have realised that what was once lost does not have to remain lost forever.